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SIR sees “The vision to heal”

The Society of Interventional Radiology (SIR) is excited to announce a new brand for the society and its research organization—SIR Foundation—that celebrates the pioneering spirit of interventional radiology and its focus on quality patient care. Both organizations believe in harnessing the power of image-guided therapies to develop breakthrough treatments, change medical practice and improve the standard of patient care.

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What’s new

New logos for SIR and SIR Foundation imbue a fresh, contemporary look that reflects the limitless potential of interventional radiology. The society’s new tagline—The vision to heal—connects SIR’s mission to improve patient care with interventional radiologists’ unique clinical, procedural and interpretive skills, as well as their ability to look ahead to develop solutions to new medical challenges.

Our new visual identity will appear at the society’s 2015 Annual Scientific Meeting in Atlanta, Georgia (February 28–March 5), and will be adopted into all communications in the months to come, including our scientific publication, the Journal of Vascular and Interventional Radiology. The society is also in the process of redesigning its website to serve as a powerful new resource for the IR community and the public.

Fortified with a new look and an array of initiatives to help our members share the value of their specialty, the time has come to tell the powerful, inspiring story of interventional radiology to the world.

Why change

In the 50 years since interventional radiology was pioneered, image-guided medicine has rapidly evolved. Today, interventional radiology is recognized as its own specialty and is often part of a patient’s collaborative health care team, from diagnosis to follow-up care. SIR and SIR Foundation are uniquely able to highlight how interventional radiology helps deliver on all the things that modern medicine asks for, including better outcomes, less burden on the patient and innovative use of technology with clear patient benefit. Through our new brand, SIR and SIR Foundation hope to bring greater awareness to how interventional radiology harnesses image-guided therapies to develop breakthrough treatments, change medical practice, and improve the standard of patient care.

What is interventional radiology?

Interventional radiology (often referred to as IR) reaches the source of a medical problem through blood vessels or directly through a tiny incision in the skin to deliver precise, targeted treatments. For patients, this means that many conditions that once required surgery—even serious ailments such as cardiovascular disease or cancer— may be treated less invasively. Interventional radiology is performed by board-certified physicians who deliver solutions with less risk, less pain and shorter recovery time than traditional surgery. Treatments are delivered in collaboration with the patient’s integrated care team. Because of the unique advantages of using noninvasive image-guided treatments, interventional radiologists often are called on by other doctors to treat particularly complicated situations. The specialty was founded in the early 1960s by Dr. Charles Dotter, who invented angioplasty and the catheter-delivered stent, which were first used to treat peripheral arterial disease. Today, interventional radiology has become synonymous with modern medicine.

About us

The Society of Interventional Radiology (SIR) is a nonprofit, professional medical society representing more than 5,600 practicing interventional radiology physicians, scientists and clinical associates. SIR’s members work in a variety of settings and at different professional levels—from medical students and residents to university faculty and private practice physicians. The society’s mission is to work with our members to improve patient-centered care through image-guided therapy.
SIR Foundation is dedicated to advancing the clinical needs of interventional radiology by specializing in developing investigators trained in conducting basic and clinical trials research, which provides the basis for the innovative treatments delivered through image-guided techniques. SIR Foundation proactively takes initiatives in the areas of clinical research, research policy and research education, which drive the foundation’s program, grant-making and fundraising decisions.