How is the new brand different from the previous one? The logo seems very similar.

Elements of the original SIR logo were re-envisioned to evoke a more contemporary look and feel—while maintaining a visual reference to our catheter-based specialty.

While a logo is important, there is more to branding than just a logo. Branding is about defining what an organization stands for and how it communicates these values to its key audiences.
When we spoke to members, we learned that they love what they do and that interventional radiology offers tremendous intellectual and personal satisfaction. They reinforced that IR brings together physician insight, professional expertise and advanced image-guided technology to solve the toughest medical problems with less risk and minimal discomfort for patients.
Referring health care providers told us that they feel great confidence in our work, know they can rely on interventional radiologists as partners and describe the imaging component as invaluable. That said, we discovered that the society needed to more effectively communicate how IR is agile and modern and is an integral part of comprehensive clinical patient care. We believe this new branding does that.
What do you hope to achieve with this new brand?

The new brand for the Society of Interventional Radiology reinforces the idea that our specialty exemplifies the very best of today’s medicine. Through the five brand pillars, the society will continue to show that interventional radiology harnesses image-guided therapies to develop breakthrough treatments, change medical practice, and establish the very highest standard of care.

We also want to demonstrate that interventional radiology is a key part of comprehensive clinical patient care. IR touches many of today’s critical medical challenges, including cancer, cardiovascular and venous disease, and more. SIR works closely with our members and other medical specialties to ensure that IR is practiced expertly, consistently and appropriately to maximize patient care.
What does this new brand mean for me and how I practice interventional radiology?

By listening to members throughout the development process, the new brand reflects how you are currently practicing IR—through innovative treatments that are part of a patient-centered, team approach to improve patient care. The new brand (position, pillars, key messages, etc.) is designed to give all SIR members the tools you’ve been asking for to speak with a strong, unified voice about the benefits of interventional radiology to patients and to fellow health care providers.