Position statement

SIR and SIR Foundation believe in the limitless potential of image-guided therapies to solve the toughest medical problems. We support innovation and creativity in the comprehensive clinical practice of interventional radiology; we are committed to research-based outcomes; and we tell the powerful story of IR to all who need to hear it.

Brand pillars

Based on what we heard from members, colleagues and health care decision-makers critical to our specialty, SIR identified five brand pillars or guiding principles to help bring our new brand to life by guiding how we act in the world. They express what is unique about our organizations and our specialty in ways that can clearly be acted upon.

Innovative: Leading the way for others and championing the development and use of new technologies

Agile: Taking a nimble approach to problem solving and readily accepting the need to learn new skills and ways of working, because we are inspired by the limitless potential of interventional radiology

Confident: Taking pride in the specialty and what it contributes to patient care and championing the role that IR plays in leading medical care forward

Collaborative: Seeking out ways to work with other organizations to advance shared goals and build relationships that benefit all parties—especially our patients

Patient-driven: Believing that patient outcomes are the ultimate metric of success and doing everything we can to help our members and partners provide the best possible longitudinal patient care

Why we changed for you

Increasing awareness of interventional radiology is one of the five goals in SIR’s strategic plan for being the first choice for image-guided therapy. We believe this won’t happen unless SIR and SIR Foundation are more distinctly seen as essential, expert resources for IR—not just in the eyes of our members—but among the health care decision-makers, influencers and consumers who are shaping the new health care landscape in which we work and live.

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How we got here

In winter 2013, the society embarked on a brand assessment to evaluate perceptions of IR and to critically assess the SIR and SIR Foundation brands. Leveraging the opportunity of the 2013 Annual Scientific Meeting, we conducted in-depth interviews with numerous members—volunteers, established practitioners, trainees, medical students, corporate partners—about SIR, SIR Foundation and the way we communicate about our specialty. Follow-up interviews were conducted with more members and with policy-makers, hospital administrators, referring physicians and patients to further hone our understanding of what makes IR, SIR and SIR Foundation unique. The assessment yielded valuable insights for improving our messaging amid a rapidly changing environment.

Read more about the brand assessment and findings in a blog posting from SIR Executive Director Susan E. Sedory Holzer, MA, CAE.



  • January: SIR brand update is a key objective in the society’s strategic plan
  • April-May: SIR conducts phase 1 research with active members and trainees, corporate partners and medical students
  • June: SIR Executive Council reviews initial findings and recommendations


  • January–April: SIR conducts phase 2 research with active members, referring physicians, health care administrators, policy influencers and patients
  • May: Research findings used to develop new brand framework
  • June: SIR Executive Council reviews and approves new brand identity
  • September—December: Pre-launch communications are shared with members


  • January: New brand is announced publicly
  • February 28–March 5: New visual identity appears on site at SIR 2015 Annual Scientific Meeting in Atlanta, Ga.
  • April and ongoing: SIR develops tools and resources, including a new website, for members and the IR community and works to increase awareness of IR

Presenting a unified voice

SIR has a unique story to tell. We want to make sure that patients understand what options are available to them, that other physicians know what skills IRs bring to the patient care team and that policymakers understand the true asset we have in IR. In this video, James B. Spies, MD, MPH, FSIR, SIR 2014–15 president, and Susan E. Sedory  Holzer, MA, CAE, SIR executive director, express their appreciation for what you do to promote what interventional radiology is, does and achieves.

Member resources

Media requests

You may receive interview requests from newspaper reporters and editors, broadcasters and web-based media representatives on a variety of topics. SIR provides numerous resources to help you prepare for media interviews. Please contact SIR communications staff.

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